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AN/PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular


The PVS-14 / 6015 model night vision pocket scope is the preferred current generation US military night vision scope. This scope uses current head mounts and is weapons adaptable.

The PVS14 6015 is a Multifunctional night vision system that is Hand-held as a monocular; head-mounted or helmet-mounted as a single-eye goggle; or weapon-mounted as a night scope. The PVS14 6015 is compatible with most all PVS-7 accessories including: the soft head mount straps and helmet mount fixture, 3x lens adapters, batteries, magnetic compass and more. The lightweight of the PVS 14 6015 night vision system makes it easy to use in extended operations. Most troops prefer the single eye monocular style to the dual eye single tube systems (like PVS-7 5001). The monocular style allows the soldier to maintain night eye adaption in one eye while using the night vision device with the other eye. Additionally, using a single eye device is more natural in a depth perception scenario. The dual eye single tube systems can give the user a false sense of depth perception which can get them in trouble quickly. Troop comfort and multi function usability are the main reasons that the PVS14 6015 is becoming the prefered night vision device for US Military ground forces.

The NV-P60 utilizes a US Mfg. Generation 3 (64lp) high performance image intensifier tube to provide crisp,
clear images under the darkest conditions. Utilizing the most advanced Mil. Spec. housing,
this system is built to handle the toughest of environments.
Based on the US Military's own the night advantage over the enemy,
the high performance NV-P60 offer supreme command and control for nighttime operations.

The single tube / single eyepiece approach to night vision is based upon the proven concept that independent use of
each eye maximizes the ability of the user to operate under a wide range of low light conditions.
This tactic tends to enhance the field of view.
The user retains his full peripheral vision in the unaided eye in conjunction with the 40 degree field of view offered by the night



The NV-P60 can be hand held, attached to a standard US Military head-mount or helmet mount.

The NV-P60 is smaller and lighter then the Mil Spec current issue NV devices, and is fully submersible to a depth of 66 feet (20 Meters).

The NV-P60 works with either a single AA, or 3.5 volt lithium battery offering more flexibility and longer battery life.

The integrated IR illuminator enhances the ability of the user to read maps, and operate in confined spaces.

The NV-P60 is compatible with most all weapon mounted IR laser aiming and illuminating devices.


Key features:
*Military Specification sealed and ruggedized housing
*Crystal Clear US generation 3 Image intensification technology
* Modular System All in one package: mini hand held night vision viewer, head mounted adjustable hands free goggle (rotatable from right to left eye, user selectable), Utilizes United States military headmount, helmet mount and MICH (Modular Integrated Communications Helmet), weapons mountable to most all standard North American platforms.
Package includes:
NV-P60 Generation Three Waterproof system with hardened and coated military optics and infrared illuminator hands free headmount and adjustable adaptor for use with US military PASGT helmet mount and MICH Weapon mount.  All standard NVD accessories, batteries, carry case & 3 year warranty.


On-axis resolution at optimum light level  1.3 cycles/milliradian 
System Magnification  1 X +0.03 
System Distortion  Less than 3% 
Range focus  25 cm to infinity 
Diopter focus  +2 to 6 diopters 
Exit pupil and eye relief  14 mm on axis exit pupil at 25 mm 
Field of view  40 +2 degrees 
Operating Temperature  51oC to +49oC 
Storage Temperature  51oC to +85oC 
Weight (monocular with head/helmet mount adapter)  392 grams maximum 
Size  4 1/2"(L) X 2"(W) X 2 1/4"(H) 


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