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The IR 235DX offers crisp standard black and white thermal imagery and PP COLOR imagery

Thermal imaging has never been this easy or this cost effective. The Raytheon Infrared Nighsight Palm IR 225 shatters all previous price points for infrared camera technology. The low cost of this unit allows smaller agencies to step up to the thermal world. Larger agencies are now able to implement several imagers within their budgetary limitations. More imagers in the field provide for better coverage in any situation and increase the usefulness of this valuable tool.


The newest addition to the SPI family is the IR-235 DX compact thermal imager. This new unit shatters the $10k barrier to bring you quality thermal imaging at the greatest possible value. This is one unit that you can truly afford to implement on a widespread basis. The IR235DX is a diverse compact thermal imager capable of performing the following applications:

* Energy audits / mold detection / building studies
* Law enforcement / military / security / surveillance
* facility maintenance / condition monitoring
* Roofing surveys / mechanical & electrical analysis

Camera shown with optional 2" LCD screen and image & movie SD ram storage attachment

Full Automatic Performance - No buttons to push or settings to master on this infrared camera. Point and shoot simplicity allows for easy one hand operation of the Palm IR 235DX. Easy operation means a very short learning curve for your agents. This translates into rapid real world deployment and increased savings through reduced training costs. total darkness.

Humans walking in total darkness

Live image of hallway (left), Thermal images (right) expose buried hot water pipe
(see the unseen!)

Residential IR image of home (L) / Missing IR insulation above window shutters (R)

Enhanced Digital - The new digital detector in the 225 offers enhanced resolution and reduced image noise.
Light Weight Leader - The 235 is one of the smallest thermal imagers to incorporate the latest in digital detector technology.

Video Output - Standard NTSC video output via RCA type jack allows you to easily document your Thermal Applications. The Optional DX package includes our Digital image storage attachment which captures live thermal movies or still thermal images via a removable SD ram card or supplied USB PC download cables along with a 2" Active Matrix LCD onboard monitor and the standard Adjustable eyepiece viewfinder.


The image above and left was taken with a professional level low light CCD camera. The image on the right shows the difference a thermal imager can make at night. Not only can you see the human target (you can't miss that) but notice how much information about the surrounding environment is also visible. This is because all objects emit infrared energy. Our cameras are not heat sensors but rather infrared sensors that image all the infrared energy that is constantly being emitted by all objects Day or Night.

Is it "BigFoot" strolling along the back nine. No, unfortunately it is just a suspect sneaking around the golf course. This guy heard the patrol, stopped in his tracks and watched. He thought he was hidden under the cover of darkness on this pitch black moon less night. Little did he know that the IR235 was in use and his every move was being tracked. The suspect was questioned and released but I don't think he will be prowling around at night any more. This was a great capture for the 225, but we still kind of wish it was old Sasquach.
The classic "Hand on Wall" image shows off the sensitivity of the instrument. This hand print was left on the wall after only seconds of contact. There is no ink or mark on the wall the effect comes from the transfer of infrared energy from the hand to the wall. This demonstration helps to illustrate the nature of the IR technology. We are seeing IR energy not visible light, and as a result we can gather a great deal of information about our surroundings that is normally invisible to the eye.


The versatile 235 can be used for a variety of applications from energy audit to circuit board analysis. The applications for this new device are limited only by your imagination. Nothing performs the way this system does at this price level offering you the most bang for the buck of any IR system on the market today.


IR image of water leak on roof

Indoor ir image of building environment

Image of Missing Insulation inside residential building


Detector Type  Hybrid Uncooled BST 
Spectrum Response  7-14 microns 
Frame Rate  30hz NTSC - 25hz PAL 9000 
Start Up Time  <30 Seconds (Typical) 
Optics  37mm f/1.0 Germanium
FOV  12° x 9° w/black & white & COLOR
Focus Depth  Approx. 5' to infinity (custom configuration available) 
Human Size Target Detection Range  1,200' 
Video Output  RCA jack NTSC or PAL compatible with all standard video recording equipment (Movie and still digital image storage with removable SD ram card and USB download)
Power Supply  Rechargeable Camcorder Battery (6VDC) - 4 included
Power Consumption  <5W 
Power Conservation  Standby mode for instant on 
Operating Time per Charge  More than 3 hours (Variable) 
Charging  AC Fast Charger 
Dimensions  7"L x 4"W x 4"H 
Weight W/O Battery  2.3 pounds 
Mounting Provisions  Tripod mount 
Operating Temperature  -20° to 49°C (-4° to 120°F) 
Storage Temperature  -40° to 80°C (-40 to 176°F) 
Water Resistance  IEC pub. 529 IPX4 
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IR image of GMC yukon (L) / IR image of 3 electrical fuses (R)

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