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The IR 250 camera is a lightweight thermal imaging system that is ideal for surveillance, energy audits, condition monitoring, flat roof inspections and a wide variety of industrial applications. The ir 250 thermal imager comes complete and ready to go out of the box. Charge up the battery, select your target area, then point and shoot. The ir 250 provides you with a crisp clear image on it's internal LCD screen or you can attach a monitor for remote viewing or a VCR for evidentiary playback.

The Compaq IPAQ attached to the IR PRO 400D adds functionality to your imaging solution. Not only does the IPAQ provide you with a brilliant TFT display, the computing power of Windows CE gives you a variety of image manipulation features including:
  • Image Averaging - 2 - 64 frame integration.
  • Image Zoom - 2x - 16x digital zoom
  • Gain / Level - Easily adjust the gain and level for maximum control
  • Image Palette - Select from a drop down of popular image color
  • Image storage- IPAQ memory or removable Compact Flash cards
  • Voice Annotation- Stored through the IPAQ w/image file
  • Text Annotation - Stored through the IPAQ w/image file
  • Optional - Wireless Networking, CCD Camera, Modem and more.


This image illustrates the sensitivity of the IR 400D. You can clearly see the pipe through the foundation, marble tile and even the area rug. An infrared camera like the 400D can be an invaluable tool for diagnosing a variety of buried pipe situations including; radiant heating systems, hot water pipes, steam pipes and other underground elements.

The Palm IR 400D is the perfect camera for all your qualitative imaging applications. The thermal image reveals a buried hot water pipe in a residential structure. The clearly defined outline of the pipe indicates a normal hot water line.


Detector  320 X 240 Uncooled FPA 
Spectral Response  7-14 micron 
Digitizing Resolution  12 bits 
Lens Focal Length  25mm or 50mm Germanium 
FOV  36 x 27 (25mm) 18 x 13.5 (50mm) 
Focus Type  Manual with adjustable Iris 
Video Output  Composite color NTSC or PAL (RCA Jack) 
Viewfinder  Monochrome (B/W) 
PDA  Full Color Display 
Digital Zoom  Full screen to 16x (PDA) 2x camera internal 
Power Source  NiMH rechargeable camcorder battery (6VDC) 
Operating Time Per Charge  2 hrs. 
Power Conservation  Camera operates with viewfinder off 
Dimensions  10.75"L x 5.5"W x 5.5"H (27 x 14 x 14 cm) 
Weight  Less than 5 lbs. (2.3 KG) 
Mounitng Provision  1/4"-20 tripod mount 
Operating Temperature  0C to 40C 
Storage Temperature  -20C to 60C 
Operating Humidity  0-95% non-condensing 
Removeable Image Storage  16mb compant flash memory card (>150 images) 
Integrated Front Lit Color Display  240 x 320 resolution with touch sensitive controls 
LCD Display  Reflective TFT color LCD with real time update rate and front illumination 
Data Logger Interface  Windows CE 
Integrated Image Recorder / Color Display Features  Image storage / recall text and audio annotation color palette selection and digital zoom 
PDA Battery (supplied)  Rechargeable 950mAh Lithium Polymer 

The IR PRO 400D thermal infrared imaging system will provide you with real time color thermal imaging and digital image storage. The unique PDA attachment provides touch screen controls of vital camera functions. This unit is based on the ever popular Palm IR series of imagers. The 400 combines proven BST technology with the Compaq IPAQ® palm top computer. This winning combination allows you to view and store color thermal video data all in real time. The IPAQ® PDA is a standard off the shelf item that does double duty as a high powered Windows CE© based palm top computer. There are many options (including wireless Internet / intranet access, ccd imaging cameras for live documentation, video capture modules, cases and more) available for the IPAQ to expand your productivity.

Real time color thermal imaging has never been this easy or this cost effective. The IR400 real time Infrared Camera shatters all previous price points for infrared technology. The low cost of this unit allows smaller companies to enter the world of IR predictive maintenance. Larger corporations are now able to implement several cameras within the same budgetary restrictions. More imagers in the hands of maintenance personnel allows for better coverage in any industrial situation and eliminates the need to "share" resources among different departments. The low cost and high performance of this unit increases the usefulness of this valuable tool.



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