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The latest in mobile pan-tilt thermal imaging is now affordable. The new 4000B is an all purpose weatherized remote sensing camera that can easily be mounted to a vehicle (mounting kits available) or stationary platform.


Dimensions:  11"W x 9"H x 9"D (w/Pan and Tilt) 
Weight:  <10 lbs (w/Pan and Tilt) 
Operating Temperature  -40°C to 55°C 
Operating Voltage:  9 VDC to 16 VDC, 12 VDC nominal 
Depth of Field:  25 ft to infinity 
Field of View:  12° to 9° 
Contrast/Brightness:  Automatic 
Infrared Polarity:  White-hot 
Video Output:  EIA RS-170 
Cold Start to IR Video Image:  60 seconds (typical) 
Detector Range:  Detects a person at up to 1500 ft 
Pan Function:  360° continuous, joystick controlled 
Tilt Function:  -16° to 40° from horizontal, joystick controlled 
Position Feedback:  Graphic indication on monitor 

The ultimate vision advantage for public safety vehicles and marine craft has arrived. Increase officer safety, protect the community and prevent criminal activity, all with the power of Raytheon thermal imaging. The Thermal-Eye 4000B is a vehicle-mounted thermal imaging camera system, developed specifically for use by public safety departments, law enforcement agencies and security professionals. This rugged thermal imaging camera is easily roof-mounted on any vehicle and offers 360 pan and tilt monitor or mobile data terminal inside the vehicle. The 4000B can also be used in a fixed mount configuration to survey a perimeter. Also available, the Thermal-Eye 4000M is the weatherized marine version of the 4000B. With the same feature set as the 4000B, the Thermal-Eye 4000M is specifically designed to withstand the rigors of marine applications such
as search and rescue, pollutant detection and more. Unaffected by light rain, snow or darkness, both the 4000B and 4000M provide a true infrared image without the use of intrusive lighting.

Featuring Raytheon BST detector technology, the 4000B and 4000M offer users a clear, crisp image. People, vehicles, boats and other objects easily stand out from their surrounding environment, making it easy to spot potential criminal activity in seconds. The camera can detect human activity up to 1500 feet and is NTSC compatible. The joystick and monitor easily configure into any vehicle interior systems.


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