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Stealth IR


The Stealth IR sets new standards for surveillance and security thermal imagers. The system is based on the latest generation 320x240 Microbolometer Focal Plane Array Technology. This sensor produces remarkably clear and detailed imagery without the need for noisy maintenance heavy cryo-coolers. The Stealth IR is virtually maintenance FREE. Ergonomically speaking the Stealth clearly rises above the competition.

The rugged water resistant housing fits nicely in your palm. All controls are accessed via one hand operation and on screen menus. All compartments are sealed from the outside with heavy rubber O-Rings and zero tolerance construction.
The professional grade eyepiece articulates a full 90 degrees allowing you maximum versatility in the field. The eyecup is light, safe and only produces an image when the unit is up to your eyes.


  • High Resolution Digital Thermal Imaging

  • OnBoard removable memory for image storage

  • Visible light CCD and Thermal imaging in one package

  • Voice annotation of images for in the field documentation

  • Serial port camera control

  • Standard NTSC video output

  • Digital Zoom

  • Current technology ultra light Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries

Detector Type Monolithic Vanadium Oxide Microbolometer

FPA Format

320 x 240, 51mm square pixels

FPA fill factor

> 60%

Spectral Bandpass

8-12 mm


80 mk @ f/1 

Frame Rate

60 Hz

Pixel Replacement

8 x 8 Nearest Neighbor

Dynamic Range  

> 60 dB

Lens Interface  


Standard Lens

75 mm F/1.0


< 3 lbs.

Power supply



on/off, inverse polarity, Infrared-Visible Channel, AGC On/Off, focus


640 x 480 AMD with adjustable light Safe eyepiece
Operating Temperature 0 C to 50 C 

Introducing the new Stealth IR thermal infrared imaging night vision FLIR.
The man portable system offers multiple functionality for applications such as homeland security,
military, force protection and low light surveillance & security.

The Stealth IR offers a generation 3 thermal infrared imaging night vision sensor payload which
has a built in CCD live camera, image acquisition (live and still), voice annotation, FLIR imager zoom.
The Stealth IR is fully weatherized and has a sealed housing with a hardened motorized 
germanium lens systems with image targeting and acquisition.

Black Hot Thermal infrared images of an armed suspect at complete darkness.

White Hot Thermal Infrared images of an armed suspect at complete darkness.


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