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XL 50/250 Thermal Imager


The XL long-range mid-wave thermal imaging systems operate in the 3-5 micron spectral region, which is the best choice for marine and high humidity environments. Our systems incorporate a 320 x 256 InSb cooled focal plane array having pixels with a 30-micron pitch. Housed in a rugged, proprietary environmental enclosure negates the need for additional housings to protect the thermal camera system. As with all XL Series Thermal Camera Systems, all functions are remotely controlled via computer interface capability.


Man-sized target detection at reportable ranges in excess of 16km, with identification at an amazing 4km (good conditions) far surpasses any other product available today. The proprietary optical designs and manufacturing processes developed over the last thirty years provide these camera systems with superior performance credentials.

System Specifications
Video Format

Frame Rate

60 Hz STD

Serial Interface

RS-232 or RS-422

Power Requirements

11-16 V DC/ 24 watts typical @ 25 C


Unit is sealed and backfilled with dry nitrogen. Fully qualified to MIL-STD-810e, Front Element Defroster

Camera Controls

Controls are available on a hand held pendant, rack mounted controller, or through a PC via an RS232/RS422 link.


< 38mK

Mounting Degree

-20 Tripod interface AntiVibration Mount


320 x 256 InSb FPA 30u pitch, usable format 320 x 240

Spectral Band

Sensor Specifications


MTBF 7500 hours

Optical Characteristics

Type Motorized Remote Focus and Optical System F-4

Spectral Range


Field of View

XL 50/250 (NFOV-250mm) 2.2 x 1.65 (WFOV-50mm) 11.0 x 8.2; XL 500/1000Xp 500/1000 (NFOV-1000mm) .55 x .41 (WFOV-500mm) 1.10 x .83
Weight XL 50/250 < 7.5 pounds; XL 500/1000Xp < 42 pounds 


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